฿ Bitcoin Purchases (25% off!) ฿


!!!25% off purchases when made with bitcoin (BTC) !!!

For those who would like to use bitcoin as a payment, please follow the steps below:

1. Identify the price of the package (see below) in AUD that applies to your VIP/RT packages:

  1. Gold - $15 AUD
  2. Diamond - $30 AUD
  3. Dragon+ - $60 AUD 
  4. Golem ++ - $90 AUD

 - For RT packages - just take 25% off the package and convert to BTC/AUD!

2. Send the equivalent in BTC/AUD to the following address:



4. Join the discord (https://discord.gg/uP3AdEj) and privately message _Salival_ or ask for assistance from a staff member and in-game benefits will be rewarded to you by an admin.

         - Please specify the package in which you intended to buy.

         - Please show evidence of the sent transaction from your wallet in a screenshot! 


NOTE: This process is NOT automatic and will require a staff member to set you up. We deal to these matters as quickly as possible! Alternatively, wait til a staff member can assist you on Discord and walk you through the process. 

- If you are using an exchange to send funds you may be faced with a minimum required withdrawal amount (CoinSpot has this). We recommend you send your BTC using Binance to avoid this. Alternatively, the correct % can be returned to the buyer if there is no way to get around this fee - contact us on Discord!