VIP Bronze

5.00 AUD

Become a VIP Bronze member today! By becoming a VIP member you are supporting the server and continuing to allow us to provide you with the most ideal RLcraft server around. 

What does VIP Bronze get me? 

Here is what you get with Bronze VIP:

- 25 RLCraft Tokens (RT) 

- In-game Bronze title 

- 20 in game levels 

- Bronze VIP status on the discord.


- Bronze glow on your character and on the scoreboard (type '/glow red' to toggle on/off)




What are RLCraft Tokens (RT)? 

RLCraft Tokens (RT) are tokens that can be used to buy kits in game (TIP: type '/kit list' and '/kit <name of kit>' in game to view/buy kits). 

Why should I buy this package? 

Aside from all the in-game benefits that you can you receive - you will be supporting this server more than you could ever know. Here at Just-RL Craft we aim to provide an Australian RL-Craft server that is available 24/7. Unfortunately, this is not free. By donating - you are helping us continue to provide you with a server and community that aims to suit you gaming needs.

Admins can be contacted in game/discord/forum:



Thank you for choosing to play on Just-RLCraft, good luck ;)