VIP Gold

20.00 AUD

Become a VIP Gold member today! By becoming a VIP member you are supporting the server and continuing to allow us to provide you with the most ideal RLcraft server around. 

What does VIP Gold get me? 

Here is what you get with Gold VIP:

 - In-game Gold title

- Teleport to home feature (/home) with no cooldown.

- Access to Kolossial (NPC Trading world) 

 -  Set up to 3 homes

- 1024 blocks  of GriefProtection ( 4 chunks)

- 80 RLCraft Tokens (RT)

- 75 in game levels

- Chest protection (x6) 

-4 Player-shops

- 5 Global Market Slots

- Gold VIP status on the discord.


- Gold glow around your character and on the scoreboard: (use '/glow gold' to set your colour and '/glow toggle' to turn off/on)

** Warning: Glow can be seen from quite some distance away so it is worth turning it on/off at your discretion (scoreboard color will not change with /glow toggle) **




What are RLCraft Tokens (RT)? 

RLCraft Tokens (RT) is the server currency. These tokens can be used to buy various items in NPC/player-shops, traded with other players, and to purchase property in Kolossial!

Why should I buy this package? 

Aside from all the in-game benefits that you receive - you will be supporting this server more than you could ever know. Here at Just-RL Craft we aim to provide an Australian RL-Craft server that is available 24/7. Unfortunately, this is not free. By donating - you are helping us continue to provide you with a server and community that aims to suit you gaming needs.

How do I get my chest protection?

Once you have completed your purchase:

  1. Use the command '/latch private'.
  2. Right-click the chest you wish to lock.
  3. Do this to all chests you wish to lock. 

OPTIONAL: To add a friend to this lock use `/latch add <name of friend>` 

How do I teleport to home?

Upon completing your purchase you will gain access to various commands:

      Home set: /home set 

       - This will allow you to set where your home is

      Warp to home: /home 

      - This is the command that will allow you to teleport to home. 

If you require any assistance - admins can be contacted in game/discord/forum:



Thank you for choosing to play on Just-RLCraft, good luck ;)