VIP Golem++

120.00 AUD

Become a VIP Golem++ member today! By becoming a VIP member you are supporting the server and continuing to allow us to provide you with the most ideal RLcraft server around. 

What does VIP  Golem++ get me? 

Here is what you get with Golem++ VIP:

- In-game [Golem++]  title and on the Discord!

- Exclusive access to Dragon/Golem Exploration world!

- Ability to place 5-player shops!

- 500 RLCraft Tokens (RT)!

- 5 Void Tokens - These can be used to obtain special, usually unobtainable gear in Kolossial

- 500 in game levels.

- Access to Kolossial (NPC Trading world).

- Golem++ VIP status on the discord.

- 6400 blocks of GriefProtection (25 chunks).

 - Infinite Chest protection (in your claims - ask admin to set up).

  - x2 Red Dragon Egg (Make sure you have x1 spot available in your inventory) 

- 10 Player-shops

- 13 Global Market Slots


- A personal portal that you can link you to where ever you would like.


- Teleport to home feature (/home) 

- Can set up to 15 homes

- No cooldown on /home

- No wait-time on /home

- Crafting table that can be used anywhere (/workbench)

- Can use Ender chests anywhere (/enderchest, /ec, /echest) 

- Set a custom nickname on the server (/nick <namenick>, /delnick) 

- Pick the color of your  glow around your character and on the scoreboard: (use '/glow ' to set your colour and /glow toggle to turn off/on)

** Warning: Glow can be seen from quite some distance away so it is worth turning it on at your discretion (scoreboard color will not change with /glow toggle) **


What are RLCraft Tokens (RT)? 

RLCraft Tokens (RT) is the server currency. These tokens can be used to buy various items in NPC/player-shops, traded with other players, and to purchase property in Kolossial!

Why should I buy this package? 

Aside from all the in-game benefits that you receive - you will be supporting this server more than you could ever know. Here at Just-RL Craft we aim to provide an Australian RL-Craft server that is available 24/7. Unfortunately, this is not free. By donating - you are helping us continue to provide you with a server and community that aims to suit you gaming needs.

How do I lock my chests in the protected area?

Dragon/Golem VIP do not use the traditional chest-locking plugin. Instead, the chests placed inside your claim are protected. However, this requires an admin to set-up. Please contact an admin to change the flags of your claim to lock the chests. 

How do I set up my personal portal?

This will require an admin to set-up. Please contact staff in-game/discord.

How do I teleport to base?

Upon completing your purchase you will gain access to various commands:

      Home set: /home set 

       - This will allow you to set where your home is

      Warp to home: /home 

      - This is the command that will allow you to teleport to home. 

How do I set up my private discord channel?

Contact an admin in either in-game or on discord and we will set this up for you :) 

If you require any assistance - admins can be contacted in game/discord/forum:



Thank you for choosing to play on Just-RLCraft, good luck ;)