❖ Network Supporter

4.99 AUD

For the small price of a coffee a month... You can help Just-MC (MetaVerse) to grow and expand!

What does it get me? 

❖ You get an animated title in-game on the network (both in chat and on the TAB list), no matter what server you are on!

❖You will always be at the top of scoreboard (below Staff though)


87ee468f3ce9486a244f379409f9281c676a83eb.gif(Animated in-game!)

❖ You get a spot at the top of the Discord and special 'Network Supporter' rank!

❖Monthly rewards in game:

❖  RLCraft
❖ 50 RT each month!
❖ 100 Grief Protection blocks each month!
❖ + 50 levels a month!
❖ Reduced /rtp and /tpa times!

      ❖  Creative

             ❖  1000 Creative Dust  (i.e., or 1 extra plot) on first-time subscription. Can only ever be redeemed once!

❖  350 Creative Dust each consecutive month

❖ Option to join future competitions in Creative which will have cash rewards.

   ❖  ImperiCraft
❖ First 30 Network Supporters that have subscribed are guaranteed to get an NFT property in ImperiCraft when it launches

❖ Exclusive whitelists to beta test servers and features in the future. 

❖ Access to coupons, special sales, competitions, benefits!

❖An honorable mention and a place in the wall-of-fame on discord at #🪐network-supporters

Note: Subscription can be cancelled at any time. Upon cancellation, you will lose your rank on both Discord and in-game.

If you would like to cancel a subscription, please head to https://checkout.tebex.io/payment-history/login